We NEED to stay out of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Let me start first with my stance that I support our military forces and people. In that same sense, our military service members deserve to be protected as much as they protect us. Our military should be used as homeland defense to protect our land against foreign enemies. Instead, we are finding that time and time again, our military members are being used as pawns in a chess game of the elites that doesn’t need to be played.

Russia invaded Ukraine. Russian forces, following orders from Putin, have pushed into Ukrainian borders and bombed major cities. Putin is in the wrong for his actions against Ukraine, the Ukrainian government, and Ukrainian citizens. Putin is also wrong for disregarding the calls from his people to stop the war before it begins. The people of Russia don’t want war with Ukraine. The people of Ukraine don’t want war with Russia. Nobody except those in power wants war.

“…there will be countless amounts of death and bloodshed of the American people.”

The United States is just the same. We don’t want to wage another endless war with countless lives lost. If the US forces get involved, there will be countless amounts of death and bloodshed of the American people. Putin also warned others about intervening in any interactions they are involved with, which leads to the assumption that they are prepared to engage with any person or country, leading to the assumption that they are prepared to fight outside of Ukraine as well. It is understood that I condemn Putin for invading Ukraine, but it must also be understood that US involvement leads to the potential of death and bloodshed of the American people.

We’ve seen the entire world step aside when a conflict comes up because the US has been seen as the world police. If a conflict arises, the US steps up and attempts to intervene. The last time we entered a war, we were there for 20 years. 20 YEARS! We haven’t had a war on our land since the Civil War. We haven’t had war with a foreign entity on our land since the Revolutionary War. If interaction and interference with the Russia-Ukraine conflict will lead to the possibility of conflict being brought to our land and endangering our citizens, we cannot afford that cost.

“Bring our troops home and protect our borders.”

For the Ukrainian people who are trying to flee for safety, I call on our leaders to open our borders and begin processing the Ukrainian people seeking refuge. As for the people who are planning to stay and protect their homeland, we say a prayer and ask for your safety and wellness as you protect your home and families. We ask that you understand our stance and the need to protect our home and our families.

End the needless wars. End the needless bloodshed. Bring our troops home and protect our borders. We do not need to be the world police, nor do we need to involve ourselves with conflicts that lead to the death of our beloved troops.

I won’t show my papers. Will you?

It feels like so long ago I was writing about vaccine passports. At the time, they were just rolling out the idea. Now, months later, it looks like it is becoming more and more of a harrowing reality for so many. I made the choice to get the vaccine. Not out of fear. As an herbalist, I know how to build my own immune system to fight off most anything. More so out of curiosity. Curiosity of whether I would truly have the antibodies after. Curiosity as to whether it truly would work if I did catch the virus that shall not be named. Turns out, I do have antibodies now that I didn’t before. At what cost? I won’t likely know for several years. The fact is though, it was a choice I made. It is a CHOICE that everyone should be able to make on their own, without force. See, that is why I am a Libertarian. I don’t believe the government should be forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want too. I especially do not believe that the government should be forcing anyone to do anything medical. I am a firm believer that if we allow the government to take away our medical autonomy, we are passed the point of no return. As travel, events, etc.. become more limited to those that are not vaccinated, I have become increasingly concerned at where we are headed as a nation. In fact, I read an article the other day that talked about how America had been added, for the first time ever, to the list of “backsliding Democracies”. Think about how horrifying that is. Are we truly willing to give up everything our founding fathers fought and died for on the false promise that the government has our best interest in mind? I am not. I hope that you will not either.

Ringgold Short Term Rentals

Tonight, I went and hung out at the city council meeting in Ringgold. To no one’s shock, they voted unanimously to approve defining short term rentals. The most resounding thing to me was the reason for this was to define it so they knew how to tax it. These folks that are renting out rooms or their homes to make extra income will very likely be squashed by taxes and red tape. I intend on staying part of the discussion, but I feel like property owners took a huge loss tonight in their property rights.

I will say, I was grateful to be allowed to speak even though I am not a citizen and I am hopeful they will let me continue to be part of the discussion moving forward when it comes to the terminology used defining these short term rentals.

Local government is incredibly important. While I may be running for U.S Congress, my heart has been and will continue to be with the people in the communities around here. Citizens have to be empowered to stand up to fight corruption because it happens on all levels. I hope to continue to be a support for the folks that are trying to stand up for our rights at all levels of the government.


This weekend, my wonderful community is hosting a chili cook off in town. This event is serving as a fundraiser for Gordon Lee’s Band, which is dear to me considering Gordon Lee is where I attended school. So many people are coming together to make this event special, and honestly that is quite reflective of how my town is in general.

I was born and raised here. My grandparents set their roots down here and my family stayed. Growing up, I don’t think that I truly realized how special growing up in a small town was until I started traveling and of course got older. Now, we live right here in town and have chosen to raise our own children here. We know everyone. We love everyone. I know if something happens, my neighbors are here for me and vice versa. It doesn’t matter our political views, our color, our religion. We are just here for each other because we are all navigating this crazy life together in this little town that we all love and cherish.

If you’re around the area, stop in and get a little slice of awesome from this event! I hope to see you all there.

Libertarian Candidate Announces Intent To Run For Congress.

CHICKAMAUGA, GEORGIA (July 19, 2021) – Libertarian Candidate Angela Pence has announced her
intention to run for the 14th Congressional Seat in Georgia, currently held by Republican Marjorie Taylor

Having been born and raised in the area, Pence believes that Marjorie Greene is not properly representing
the area. “Marjorie makes it seem like our area only consists of uninformed and insensitive people , and
that is just not the case,” says Pence. “As our representative, her blatantly racist, homophobic, and just
down right ignorant behavior is completely unacceptable. Any representative should speak with
understanding, compassion, and intelligence.”

Pence is running on a platform of individual freedom. Her website mentions how 2020 showed that our
government had absolutely no issues taking away individual freedoms and that we must make sure that
they do not become comfortable with this type of behavior. “We must hold our government accountable!”
Pence believes that we need to take the power away from the federal government and give it back to the
people where it belongs. Individuals and families know what is best for them.

Running as a Libertarian, Pence will have to collect a now undisclosed number of signatures to be eligible
to be represented on the ballot. “Republicans and Democrats do not have to collect signatures to run for
office. It is insane to me that a Libertarian has to.” Previously in Georgia, a US congressional candidate
needed to collect 19,778 signatures to be on the ballot. This year, the court ruled this was unconstitutional
and the Libertarian Party of Georgia is fighting to have the number lowered. Pence recognizes she will
need to collect signatures and looks at it as a great opportunity to connect directly with the community. “I
don’t think it is fair, but I am willing to do the work. I look forward to meeting all the wonderful people in my

Vaccine Passports

There are many, many battles that I choose not to engage in because I feel that people believe so strongly in their viewpoint that the argument will not be productive. One of those things is vaccines. I will not directly state my view on vaccines, because I honestly feel that is irrelevant and I am not looking for opinions on what I should or should not do for my family. I respect your decisions and expect you to respect mine. However, I want to make myself abundantly clear when I say that I feel that mandatory vaccination is a massive government overstep, no matter the reason. Once you allow the government to start interjecting itself in your healthcare to the point that you are being forced to be inoculated, then you have given up one of your most precious freedoms.

That being said, I as a mother, person, political activist and one day elected official will fight to the death to prevent things such as vaccine passports. I am not a stranger to going against the grain. I am not a stranger to being an outcast. I am not a stranger to making the hard decisions. I am not a stranger to being unpopular for those hard decisions. Because of this, I will NEVER agree to give up our most precious freedoms to a government that is ran by the most corrupt individuals on this planet. A government that could literally care less about you, your family or your future. A government that is ran by greed.

No Thanks. I will fucking pass…. without my vaccine passport.

Government Stimulus & Unemployment

So, it appears that the fast food joints around here are having to close early or just period because they don’t have enough employees to actually stay open.

This makes me both incredibly sad and angry. Like I feel more angry than I should be. Possibly because I am pregnant and like to be able to get food whenever, but more likely because what the heck?!

I get it. You got your taxes. You got your stimulus. You get more on unemployment. You weren’t getting paid enough. etc…

I have a really hard time wrapping my head around this though because I was taught the exact opposite. I was taught that you start at the bottom and you work your way up. I was taught that if you work hard enough, you will get there. I was taught that your work ethic was a reflection of you.

I started working at 15. When I started working, I did odd jobs for people and also worked for a call center. I made 99 cents a minute and almost 75% of that income I had to pay back for using the platform. I was lucky to bring in $50 a week. Granted that was plenty for myself, but it took me YEARS to build myself and my business up. Working for literally nothing at times. There is a meme that floats around saying that no one tells you when you start a business you will work 80-90 hours a week for nothing. I am that meme. Now, 15 years later, I make enough to support my family and kids. I own a business and am in the process of opening up another one.

This isn’t a knock on people that receive assistance. Because trust me, we have been there. We still can’t afford insurance because I am self employed and it costs WAY more than I can reasonably pay. We ALL need help sometimes. Sometimes, that help needs to be for an extended period of time, and that is OK. I will NEVER knock on someone that gets help when they need it. That is what it is meant to be there for.

What this is a knock on though is the people that are choosing to live off assistance without even trying to work or make their lives better. Yes, there are circumstances where that isn’t going to be an option. Yes, there are circumstances that are just special. I have watched some really good friends try for months to get a job, but not be able to find ANYTHING. However, choosing not to work because you are making more money off the government… that makes you lazy and that is an incredibly poor reflection of you as a person.

What are you going to do when that money runs out? These businesses are having to scramble to adjust. Do you think they truly need your indisposable ass? No. So, when this money runs out and you go crawling back for a job, where are you going to go? What are you going to do when you have no work history for months and no way to give an updated employment reference because you decided you didn’t want to work? What are you going to do when everything goes automated because you were too good to build yourself up.. and there is no option then to build yourself. You are either built or you aren’t?

Everyone is blaming the government, and while I hate the government and don’t deny its part, I think this is more of a “self” issue than it is a government issue. You guys are not thinking enough of yourself to make the moves you need to be making to work towards your dreams. I wasn’t lucky. I wasn’t given all the breaks. I wasn’t born into a rich family. I made my way and continue to make my way through hard work and dedication.

Have more love for yourself than this shit. When you live off the government, remember.. the government makes the rules and I have a feeling the deeper we get into it, the more you aren’t going to like it.

Sorry if I sound like a jerk. But if your momma won’t tell you, I most certainly will.

Statement on the removal of Greene

While kicking MTG out of congress would trigger a special election, which would allow someone like me to forgo having to get 20K signatures to be on the ballot against her, I don’t believe that silencing someone because you don’t agree with what they are saying is right.

I don’t agree with a lot of the things Marjorie has said or done. Her comments and actions towards minorities are awful at best. Minorities being anyone of a different religion, race, medical status, sexual orientation etc. However, just because her actions/comments are things that I don’t believe in or feel right, doesn’t mean that she can’t express them. We can feel she is wrong (and I do feel she is wrong on a lot of things), but that doesn’t change the fact that she was elected by the people of the 14th district. When you start kicking elected officials out of office because you don’t agree with them, you start down a very dangerous, slippery slope.

I hope that in 2022 we have better representation on the ballot. 20K signatures is a lot, but when someone is passionate enough about representing the true nature of the 14th district, it is just a minor hill to climb.

Unpopular Opinion on The “America First Caucus”

Yesterday, while I was out baking in the sun watching my daughter play ball, hoping somewhere deep down I would just go into labor…. I started receiving multiple messages about MTG and this new… “America First Caucus.”



Today, she is backtracking apparently saying that they hadn’t read the context or that nothing was ever truly set in stone. I don’t know if that is true or not. Would I be surprised if she was part of something like that? No. However, I will not take aim without being 100% sure.

If you have had the opportunity to read the news articles regarding this new caucus, then you are familiar with the rough context. Basically, it looks as though it takes some pretty specific aim at immigration (shocker) and references how we really need to be preserving Anglo-Saxon traditions. It breaks it down to include political traditions but also… architecture. It’s kinda weird actually. The caucus is supposedly for “preserving America for the future.”

Do you know the first thing that came to my mind when I read this? I hate to say it because it is SO overused, but… Nazi Germany. The perfect aryan race.

Folks, I really can’t say it enough, if you haven’t read history and how Hitler came to power, you REALLY need to start researching. This is the kind of shit that leads to mass genoicde.


You know what was even more alarming to me though? It isn’t the fact that she (and others) have openly discussed their horrifying views on people of other races and religions etc. At least they have been open about it. At least we can’t pretend we are surprised when they poison everything. It is the reaction from both the democrats and republicans.

Ya’ll are fucking wild. Ya’ll are going on about how, “America was built on Liberty and Justice for all,” and how “racism is wrong”. Yet you mother fuckers are the ones out here flaming the fires of racism with backwards ass laws that are specifically meant to target minorities and keeping kids locked in cages at our border. Honestly, the list of shit ya’ll have done is so long, I can’t even begin to list it all here. So, which is it? Is it “Liberty and Justice for all,” and the acceptance that everyone is equal all the time, or just when it fits your narrative so you don’t look like a fuck? You suck. Every. Single. One. of you sucks.

Just in case anyone needed a reminder: America was founded on the principles of FREEDOM. The founding fathers wanted to come over here and be LEFT THE FUCK ALONE by the Government.


So, if anyone would truly like to put America First, then GET THE FUCK out of the way so we can give the power back to the people and get the poison out of the government before it is ENTIRELY too late.