I won’t show my papers. Will you?

It feels like so long ago I was writing about vaccine passports. At the time, they were just rolling out the idea. Now, months later, it looks like it is becoming more and more of a harrowing reality for so many. I made the choice to get the vaccine. Not out of fear. As an herbalist, I know how to build my own immune system to fight off most anything. More so out of curiosity. Curiosity of whether I would truly have the antibodies after. Curiosity as to whether it truly would work if I did catch the virus that shall not be named. Turns out, I do have antibodies now that I didn’t before. At what cost? I won’t likely know for several years. The fact is though, it was a choice I made. It is a CHOICE that everyone should be able to make on their own, without force. See, that is why I am a Libertarian. I don’t believe the government should be forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want too. I especially do not believe that the government should be forcing anyone to do anything medical. I am a firm believer that if we allow the government to take away our medical autonomy, we are passed the point of no return. As travel, events, etc.. become more limited to those that are not vaccinated, I have become increasingly concerned at where we are headed as a nation. In fact, I read an article the other day that talked about how America had been added, for the first time ever, to the list of “backsliding Democracies”. Think about how horrifying that is. Are we truly willing to give up everything our founding fathers fought and died for on the false promise that the government has our best interest in mind? I am not. I hope that you will not either.