We NEED to stay out of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Let me start first with my stance that I support our military forces and people. In that same sense, our military service members deserve to be protected as much as they protect us. Our military should be used as homeland defense to protect our land against foreign enemies. Instead, we are finding that time and time again, our military members are being used as pawns in a chess game of the elites that doesn’t need to be played.

Russia invaded Ukraine. Russian forces, following orders from Putin, have pushed into Ukrainian borders and bombed major cities. Putin is in the wrong for his actions against Ukraine, the Ukrainian government, and Ukrainian citizens. Putin is also wrong for disregarding the calls from his people to stop the war before it begins. The people of Russia don’t want war with Ukraine. The people of Ukraine don’t want war with Russia. Nobody except those in power wants war.

“…there will be countless amounts of death and bloodshed of the American people.”

The United States is just the same. We don’t want to wage another endless war with countless lives lost. If the US forces get involved, there will be countless amounts of death and bloodshed of the American people. Putin also warned others about intervening in any interactions they are involved with, which leads to the assumption that they are prepared to engage with any person or country, leading to the assumption that they are prepared to fight outside of Ukraine as well. It is understood that I condemn Putin for invading Ukraine, but it must also be understood that US involvement leads to the potential of death and bloodshed of the American people.

We’ve seen the entire world step aside when a conflict comes up because the US has been seen as the world police. If a conflict arises, the US steps up and attempts to intervene. The last time we entered a war, we were there for 20 years. 20 YEARS! We haven’t had a war on our land since the Civil War. We haven’t had war with a foreign entity on our land since the Revolutionary War. If interaction and interference with the Russia-Ukraine conflict will lead to the possibility of conflict being brought to our land and endangering our citizens, we cannot afford that cost.

“Bring our troops home and protect our borders.”

For the Ukrainian people who are trying to flee for safety, I call on our leaders to open our borders and begin processing the Ukrainian people seeking refuge. As for the people who are planning to stay and protect their homeland, we say a prayer and ask for your safety and wellness as you protect your home and families. We ask that you understand our stance and the need to protect our home and our families.

End the needless wars. End the needless bloodshed. Bring our troops home and protect our borders. We do not need to be the world police, nor do we need to involve ourselves with conflicts that lead to the death of our beloved troops.