This weekend, my wonderful community is hosting a chili cook off in town. This event is serving as a fundraiser for Gordon Lee’s Band, which is dear to me considering Gordon Lee is where I attended school. So many people are coming together to make this event special, and honestly that is quite reflective of how my town is in general.

I was born and raised here. My grandparents set their roots down here and my family stayed. Growing up, I don’t think that I truly realized how special growing up in a small town was until I started traveling and of course got older. Now, we live right here in town and have chosen to raise our own children here. We know everyone. We love everyone. I know if something happens, my neighbors are here for me and vice versa. It doesn’t matter our political views, our color, our religion. We are just here for each other because we are all navigating this crazy life together in this little town that we all love and cherish.

If you’re around the area, stop in and get a little slice of awesome from this event! I hope to see you all there.