Libertarian Candidate Announces Intent To Run For Congress.

CHICKAMAUGA, GEORGIA (July 19, 2021) – Libertarian Candidate Angela Pence has announced her
intention to run for the 14th Congressional Seat in Georgia, currently held by Republican Marjorie Taylor

Having been born and raised in the area, Pence believes that Marjorie Greene is not properly representing
the area. “Marjorie makes it seem like our area only consists of uninformed and insensitive people , and
that is just not the case,” says Pence. “As our representative, her blatantly racist, homophobic, and just
down right ignorant behavior is completely unacceptable. Any representative should speak with
understanding, compassion, and intelligence.”

Pence is running on a platform of individual freedom. Her website mentions how 2020 showed that our
government had absolutely no issues taking away individual freedoms and that we must make sure that
they do not become comfortable with this type of behavior. “We must hold our government accountable!”
Pence believes that we need to take the power away from the federal government and give it back to the
people where it belongs. Individuals and families know what is best for them.

Running as a Libertarian, Pence will have to collect a now undisclosed number of signatures to be eligible
to be represented on the ballot. “Republicans and Democrats do not have to collect signatures to run for
office. It is insane to me that a Libertarian has to.” Previously in Georgia, a US congressional candidate
needed to collect 19,778 signatures to be on the ballot. This year, the court ruled this was unconstitutional
and the Libertarian Party of Georgia is fighting to have the number lowered. Pence recognizes she will
need to collect signatures and looks at it as a great opportunity to connect directly with the community. “I
don’t think it is fair, but I am willing to do the work. I look forward to meeting all the wonderful people in my