Vaccine Passports

There are many, many battles that I choose not to engage in because I feel that people believe so strongly in their viewpoint that the argument will not be productive. One of those things is vaccines. I will not directly state my view on vaccines, because I honestly feel that is irrelevant and I am not looking for opinions on what I should or should not do for my family. I respect your decisions and expect you to respect mine. However, I want to make myself abundantly clear when I say that I feel that mandatory vaccination is a massive government overstep, no matter the reason. Once you allow the government to start interjecting itself in your healthcare to the point that you are being forced to be inoculated, then you have given up one of your most precious freedoms.

That being said, I as a mother, person, political activist and one day elected official will fight to the death to prevent things such as vaccine passports. I am not a stranger to going against the grain. I am not a stranger to being an outcast. I am not a stranger to making the hard decisions. I am not a stranger to being unpopular for those hard decisions. Because of this, I will NEVER agree to give up our most precious freedoms to a government that is ran by the most corrupt individuals on this planet. A government that could literally care less about you, your family or your future. A government that is ran by greed.

No Thanks. I will fucking pass…. without my vaccine passport.