Hey Y’all!

First off, thank you for being here. I know that you have made your way here because you are curious as to who I am and why I would be the best person to represent you in congress, especially in these incredibly uncertain times. I won’t be able to flash degrees at you, because I don’t have them. I have spent my working career building several businesses. I do not have an impressive financial resume, because honestly, I have spent most of my adult life struggling like many of you. I won’t pretend to have always had the perfect family life, because it took a lot of hard work and grit to get to the solid ground my family is at now. I share all of this because I am not here to bullshit you. I am not here to impress you with how flowery my life has been and use that as why you should give me your vote. Instead I am here to give you the real me, and let you decide whether or not I am deserving of your vote. I may not have all the things that I mentioned above, but let me tell you what I do have.
If you have researched me at all, you know that I am from Northwest Georgia. I have lived in Chickamauga most of my life. I was born in Rossville at the old Hutcheson. I grew up with everyone saying, “You’re Andy’s daughter?” or “You’re Burl’s granddaughter?” I think that was how I was known most of my childhood. I attended school at both Gordon Lee and Lakeview. I learned to drive on the backroads of the cove and took my driving test down in Rock Spring, where I almost failed because I had never actually driven on 27 before. I spent many nights at the football games or hanging out at Los Potros before Guads came in. I don’t think I missed a Down Home Days until I was 15. All of my immediate family either lived or still lives around the area. The ones that don’t are buried either on cemetery hill or down in Lafayette. My roots run deep here, which is why after moving out when I was 17, I decided to come back in my mid 20s.
When I returned here in 2015, I started getting slowly involved in local politics. This would be the first time I openly backed someone in a local election and the first time that I truly found myself affiliated with a party, the Libertarian Party. At 25, I knew that I didn’t like the choices we had on the ballot nationally and I didn’t want to vote for either. That November was the first election I not only had the honor of voting for a friend that I had supported locally, but I also cast my first vote for a Libertarian president. From that point, I never turned back. I spent the next several years working to find my place politically while slowly nurturing a local LP affiliate. In 2020, I came out hard working locally again for some candidates that I truly believed in and then later I joined the Jorgensen campaign.
2020 was a weird year for all of us, but I feel that it really showed us what our government is capable of. Truly, if you look over the last 5 years, you can see a trend of seeing what the government will do to push a narrative, and it is scary. The older I have gotten the more I have realized that we have people in government that literally could give a shit less about any of us and instead are out for their own personal gain. When you realize that, it is horrifying. With the excuse of a pandemic, they forced us indoors, demanded we wear masks, shut down and ruined small business, ruined the economy and then they forced vaccines that they didn’t even have studies for! We have witnessed one of the most devastating events in history made worse by the fact that our government took advantage of it to force us into a place of submission so that they could continue to gain power at our expense. It isn’t the government that is going to pay for this, it is us.
There are many things that have pushed me to run for office. I truly feel that I can represent the 14th district with dignity and grace. I am a firm believer in fighting until there is no fight left for the freedom that our district, state and country deserves. I have never backed out of a fight that was worth fighting, and as your representative, I would always fight for what the people thought was best and the freedom that we all deserve. The difference between me and often others is that I would fight with a strong backbone but also with respect. I do not feel the need to be nasty, berate, or belittle others to win. Instead, I believe in fighting the fight the right way and winning without having to tear others down to do it. I can and will prove that you do not have to be hateful to win. You can win by doing the right thing and fighting with conviction. Another reason I have decided to run is because I simply do not agree with the direction that this country is moving in. The direction it has been moving in. I cannot and will not stand by and watch our individual freedoms be stripped away one by one by people that are out for themselves. One way for me to help change the direction of this is by being elected into congress where I can voice the concerns and fight the fight for the people. Last but not least, I wanted to run because I love my home. I love the people. I love my community. I am always on the lookout for ways I can give back. I am a firm believer that if you love where you live then you help to support it, and that is why I do what I do and also why I want to run to represent this wonderful district. It deserves the best and while I may not be the absolute best, I can promise you that I will give nothing but my best to serving the people here. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to serve you!