Statement on the removal of Greene

While kicking MTG out of congress would trigger a special election, which would allow someone like me to forgo having to get 20K signatures to be on the ballot against her, I don’t believe that silencing someone because you don’t agree with what they are saying is right.

I don’t agree with a lot of the things Marjorie has said or done. Her comments and actions towards minorities are awful at best. Minorities being anyone of a different religion, race, medical status, sexual orientation etc. However, just because her actions/comments are things that I don’t believe in or feel right, doesn’t mean that she can’t express them. We can feel she is wrong (and I do feel she is wrong on a lot of things), but that doesn’t change the fact that she was elected by the people of the 14th district. When you start kicking elected officials out of office because you don’t agree with them, you start down a very dangerous, slippery slope.

I hope that in 2022 we have better representation on the ballot. 20K signatures is a lot, but when someone is passionate enough about representing the true nature of the 14th district, it is just a minor hill to climb.