Unpopular Opinion on The “America First Caucus”

Yesterday, while I was out baking in the sun watching my daughter play ball, hoping somewhere deep down I would just go into labor…. I started receiving multiple messages about MTG and this new… “America First Caucus.”



Today, she is backtracking apparently saying that they hadn’t read the context or that nothing was ever truly set in stone. I don’t know if that is true or not. Would I be surprised if she was part of something like that? No. However, I will not take aim without being 100% sure.

If you have had the opportunity to read the news articles regarding this new caucus, then you are familiar with the rough context. Basically, it looks as though it takes some pretty specific aim at immigration (shocker) and references how we really need to be preserving Anglo-Saxon traditions. It breaks it down to include political traditions but also… architecture. It’s kinda weird actually. The caucus is supposedly for “preserving America for the future.”

Do you know the first thing that came to my mind when I read this? I hate to say it because it is SO overused, but… Nazi Germany. The perfect aryan race.

Folks, I really can’t say it enough, if you haven’t read history and how Hitler came to power, you REALLY need to start researching. This is the kind of shit that leads to mass genoicde.


You know what was even more alarming to me though? It isn’t the fact that she (and others) have openly discussed their horrifying views on people of other races and religions etc. At least they have been open about it. At least we can’t pretend we are surprised when they poison everything. It is the reaction from both the democrats and republicans.

Ya’ll are fucking wild. Ya’ll are going on about how, “America was built on Liberty and Justice for all,” and how “racism is wrong”. Yet you mother fuckers are the ones out here flaming the fires of racism with backwards ass laws that are specifically meant to target minorities and keeping kids locked in cages at our border. Honestly, the list of shit ya’ll have done is so long, I can’t even begin to list it all here. So, which is it? Is it “Liberty and Justice for all,” and the acceptance that everyone is equal all the time, or just when it fits your narrative so you don’t look like a fuck? You suck. Every. Single. One. of you sucks.

Just in case anyone needed a reminder: America was founded on the principles of FREEDOM. The founding fathers wanted to come over here and be LEFT THE FUCK ALONE by the Government.


So, if anyone would truly like to put America First, then GET THE FUCK out of the way so we can give the power back to the people and get the poison out of the government before it is ENTIRELY too late.