I believe wholeheartedly in the individual’s ability to make the best decisions that they can for their health and the health of their family. The government has absolutely no place making medical decisions for an individual or a family as there is absolutely no way they can know what is best for that individual or family. Furthermore, mandatory anything from the government in health care is a massive infringement on individual rights.



Our criminal justice system as a whole needs to be dismantled and reassembled from the bottom up. As it stands right now, the entire system is rigged to blatantly target and criminalize minorities. Whether those minorities be a different race, religion, or lifestyle, we MUST adopt a criminal justice system that provides justice for ALL. Not just some. Some things I will advocate for are: police reform, doing away with victimless crimes, ending a for profit prison system and ending the war on drugs.


The Second Amendment and our right to bear arms is an issue that I hold dear to my heart. Throughout history, we have seen what happens when a government disarms its citizens. We absolutely cannot allow our government to take away our right to defend ourselves against criminals, including the government. It has taken me many years to form my opinions on the safety of guns and who should own them. Throughout the years, those opinions have evolved and changed. The reality is, bad people will get firearms no matter what. Background checks will not stop them. Instead, background checks will simply allow the government to continue to track responsible gun owners. Licensing is simply a way for the government to take more of our money. Do away with the red tape so that we can arm more good people to stand up against the “bad”.


2020 was a hell of a year for so many people for many different reasons. One of the things that broke my heart the most was that our government forced small, local businesses to shut down while allowing major corporations to remain open and thrive. Several small businesses closed forever at the hands of the government. We are now seeing an opportunity for businesses to open back up and ingenuity to thrive. There are many needs that can be met by small businesses and I will fight continuously to remove the red tape for those businesses so they can open, operate, and thrive!


As a homeschooling mother, I believe that every family should have the ability to choose what is best and right for their children. Whether that is homeschooling, charter school, private school or public education. I do not believe the government should have any say/influence in a family’s decision on how to educate their child. I also am a firm believer that the government has no business in dictating our public school systems in any way. The federal government has absolutely no idea what is best and right for school systems in the many different areas of the United States. I believe we should remove the federal government from having any say or influence in our public education system, period. Give the power back to the teachers, communities, and families.